The Culture of Hienie's

Here at Hienie's we love hearing stories about how our restaurant has been involved in our customers lives. All the time we hear stories from customers about when they were younger and their parents used to come home from working long shifts at the Steel Mills and they would come home carrying bags of Hienie's chicken. Or we hear stories about how our customers can't find fried chicken or our famous hot sauce anywhere else in the country. Our customers are loyal and even though some move to other states they stay loyal by buying gallons to take across the country, or by ordering bottles by the dozens. These are the stories that really keep us going. For decades we have been the heart and soul of the residents of the South Side and we look forward to serving the community for a long time to come. Please email with your stories along with your name,city and state which you live in, along with a photo of yourself (optional) and we will share your stories on our website!